Disney’s Princess Ke$ha is a short created by Funny or Die. The short is a spoof on Disney Princesses and features Ke$ha as a Disney Princess and an original song for the short.

Video Synopsis

The video beings with the clock bell ringing. Ke$ha wake up and groans, reciting a line from Cinderella. She proceeds to start singing the song. As she sings, she is accompanied by animated animals getting her ready for the day. She is greeted by a "genie slut" in the mirror, who she tells to "suck it, bitch!" After her look is completed, she goes to a dirty alleyway where she meets a hobo. Ke$ha then hops into the hobo's cart and is wheeled away like royalty.


La la la la la la
La la la la la la la
Okay, fuck it
Oh, oh, oh yeah

Time to get the day going dressing up to the nines
Yo, critter crew
(Say what?)
Make Princess Ke$ha look fine
Add a little pinch of magic from my fairytale life
And off we go, oh-oh-oh-oh

Look in the mirror, rub my eyes and what is this
Some genie slut smiling back
Suck it, bitch
Yo, Mister Raccoon, pass the Jack
I need to rinse
Trim it, prim it, dress it, mess it
Yeah, now that my shit

I'm getting ready so nice-ice-ice
It's kinda cool I gotta robot voice
(Check this shit out)
No mirror lady bitch can deny
I'm getting customized, customized, customized right
Karate ya
I'm getting ready, so damn pumped up
What up, mouse?
Even with this wedgie riding up my butt
Thanks to Mister Crow, you sneaky little fuck
I'm getting customized, customized, customized right

Puh-lease bitch
A touch of glitter on my cheek
Now the look is complete


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