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Written by Claire Wilkinson
Nathan Chapman
Pebe Sebert
Produced by Drew Pearson
Ricky Reed
Length 2:09
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"Godzilla" is a song performed by Kesha. It serves as the thirteenth track on Kesha's third album Rainbow.


Kesha has said about the song:

My mom started writing it a long time ago. And she played it to me and I remember just thinking like, ‘This is the greatest song. I fucking love this song.’ And I thought someone else was going to release it. This was years ago. And I was like, ‘I’m so happy for you. But if someone doesn’t release it, I would definitely love to do this song.’ It’s just so whimsical. It like reminds me of Brian Wilson’s ‘Vegetables’ song. It’s just so bizarre but brilliant and beautiful and strange.


What do you get when you take Godzilla to the mall?
He scares all the children and shreds all the pillows
And knocks over walls
His emerald eyes, they sparkle and shine
As he eats the food court and steals half my fries
That's what you get when you take Godzilla to the mall

What do you get when you take Godzilla to meet your Mom?
He rings the bell and she looks out the window
And calls the cops
I try to explain that he's mostly tame
As long as there's pizza and video games
That's what you get when you take Godzilla to meet your mom

While everyone else is running and screaming
I just love being with you
I guess they don't see all the things that I'm seein'
That make you so uniquely you, you, you, you

What do you get when you meet Godzilla and fall in love?



  • Kesha named an eyeshadow shade from her make-up line, Kesha Rose Beauty, after this song. The shade "Godzilla" is a forest green color.


Produced by Ricky Reed & Drew Pearson
Vocal production by Drew Pearson
Piano, Drum Programming & Keyboards by Ricky Reed & Drew Pearson
Horns by Tom Peyton
Engineered by Drew Pearson at Purple Dinosaur Studios & by Ethan Shumaker & Ricky Reed at Elysian Park, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Manny Marroquins at Larrabee Studios,, North Hollywood, CA
Mix engineered by Chris Galland
Assisted by Jeff Jackson & Robin Florent


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