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Kesha Rose Beauty is the beauty line by Kesha in partnership with HipDot, announced in 2019. It is was set to be released December 3, 2019 until on November 22, 2019, Kesha announced that the makeup line will be released a week early, November 29, 2019. Two days before the new launch date, Kesha announced the launch will be pushed back and will be released as soon as possible. The makeup line was officially released December 6, 2019, three days after the original launch date.


Kesha describes the line as "all my favorite bright, insane rainbow- and earth- and nature-inspired colors." I don't even really like using the word 'beauty' because it's more about expressing yourself. It's about redefining what beauty means to you. Beautiful is happiness and happiness is beautiful, so that's what I am trying to encourage with the makeup line and with the record.

"Quite frankly, I feel like I am just a floating aura and my aura changes colors from day-to-day, and I want to be able to express that with my [makeup]. It's not about feeling perfect or trying to look perfect or perfectly symmetrical or anything like that, it's about being happy and having fun. So, I want people to play with it and have fun with it and hopefully feel like they're expressing their auras and souls through makeup and not so concerned with looking like some perfectly symmetrical, filtered Instagram thing."[1]

The line includes an eyeshadow palette, two waterproof liquid eyeliners, and a lip set that includes a lipstick and a gloss.

Up until January 4, 2020, the line only shipped to the U.S. but now ships internationally.


  • Whatever Wherever Wands ($28) – A set of two dual-ended, extreme-wear, waterproof liquid eyeliner pens come in four shades and are named after two songs on Kesha’s new album. Pen one is "Cowboy Blues" and pen two is "Stay Gold".
  • Lipstick and Lip Gloss Duo ($26) – A set of two lip color products, the Raising Hell Red Lipstick and That Bitch Lip Gloss, feature a pH-balanced color-changing formula that gives lips a pink tint, depending on your skin.
  • Collector's Box ($120) - Get the full collection in this signature, Limited-Edition Collector's box with a special note from Kesha inside. The box comes in the collection's signature metallic orange and features the embossed textured moon design found on the eye palette.
  • "I Want It All" Collection ($90) - Each product in the Kesha Rose Beauty collection (with no collector’s box or note from Kesha).


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