When editing or creating content on Keshapedia, you should always confirm that you are using a reliable source for the information you're writing.

What is a reliable source?

First and foremost, it is KESHA’S word over anything else. Always check with her first and THEN check other sources. A reliable source of information on this wiki includes

  • Kesha
  • Lagan Sebert
  • Pebe Sebert
  • Louie Sebert
  • Wrabel
  • An official sound clip
  • Video clip
  • Songwriters & producers
  • BMI
  • YouTube videos (in most cases)
  • Certain Kesha news fan accounts such as:
    • Portal Kesha
    • Kesha Chart
    • KeshaCrave
    • KeshaSource
  • If you are unsure if a source is reliable, ask an admin and we will decide.

What is not a reliable source?

Some examples of unreliable source are

  • Certain Kesha fan accounts such as @/crazykeshafans
  • IMDb
  • Perez Hilton
  • TMZ
  • DailyMail
  • Wikipedia (sources used in the article are acceptable)

Why is reliability so important?

Reliability is important on this site, because we're an informative wiki about Kesha. Without reliability and accuracy, we might as well throw the whole idea of a "wiki", an online information catalogue, out of the window. But we don't.

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