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Pebe Sebert
Full name Rosemary Patricia Sebert
Birthday (1956-03-17) March 17, 1956 (age 64)
Gender Female
Genre(s) Pop, country, dance-pop, pop rock
Occupation Singer, songwriter

Rosemary Patricia "Pebe" Sebert (born March 17, 1956) is an American singer-songwriter and is the mother of Lagan, Kesha, and Louie Sebert. She is best known for co-writing number-one hits for Dolly Parton, Pitbull and Kesha. Sebert and Kesha have written 26 released songs together, as of 2020.

Personal life

In 1977, Pebe married Hugh Moffatt. They had one child together, Lagan, before they got divorced in 1984. After their divorce, her family lived on welfare payments and food stamps. In 1987, Sebert gave birth to Kesha, whose father remains unknown. Sebert frequently brought her children along to recording studios and encouraged Kesha to sing. Sebert moved the family to Nashville, Tennessee in 1991 after securing a new publishing deal for her songwriting. Bob Chamberlain approached Star Magazine in 2011 with pictures and letters, claiming them as proof that he and Kesha had been in regular contact as father and daughter before she turned 19. Sebert checked into a Lemont, Illinois rehab in January 2014. She was diagnosed as having post-traumatic stress disorder from the trauma of Kesha having an eating disorder. Sebert has admitted that she is a drug addict, naming cocaine as "one of her vices", and an alcoholic. Sebert has taken Kesha to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with her since Kesha was a year old.

Work with Kesha

She has worked with Kesha on the following song(s):

Songs from Animal (2010):

Songs from Cannibal (2010):

Songs from Warrior (2012):

Songs from Rainbow (2017):

Songs from High Road (2020):

Songs currently unreleased:

Songs for other artists:



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