Resentment cover
Kesha (feat. Brian Wilson, Sturgill Simpson, and Wrabel)
Written by Kesha Sebert
Stephen Wrabel
Madi Diaz
Jamie Floyd
Produced by John Hill
vocals by
Brian Wilson
Matt Jardine
Stephen Wrabel
Length 2:52
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"Resentment" is a song by Kesha from her fourth studio album, High Road. It features Wrabel, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and country singer Sturgill Simpson, and was co-written by Kesha and Wrabel. The song was released on December 12, 2019 as the second promotional single from the album. The song was performed live with Wrabel during his LA show on February 12, 2019. It serves as the eighth track from the album.


Having Sturgill on it and having Brian on it and having [LA singer-songwriter] Wrabel on this, it still doesn't really feel real. How did that come about? I have no f**king idea. God was on my side this time, I guess, or whoever you want to call it, whatever you believe in. It was just a dream list for me, and I never thought in a million years it would actually all come together so beautifully the way it did. I think Pet Sounds is one of the most influential records ever made. I mean, it's changed pop music forever, and Brian Wilson has always been at the top of my dream list of collaborators. I wasn't sure if he wanted to do a more upbeat song or slowish one, and he just gravitated towards this one, and the fact that he knows I exist as a human on earth is insane. Sturgill, I picked him up and I kind of kidnapped him for the day, and he had his guitar with him, and we put his guitar in my car and I took him to go see Lords of Chaos, about Norwegian black metal. He's a hard read, and I couldn't tell if I completely traumatized him by taking him to see this movie—it was just like blood and guts everywhere. I think it's the biggest compliment an artist could give another artist to collaborate with them. It's a sign of mutual respect.

Music and composition

Kesha talking about the track on her social media:

Resentment is such a powerful and destructive emotion and in my experience is more complex than hate or anger.  @BrianWilsonlive is one of my personal musical heroes, so when he said he would collaborate with me on the recording…that moment was one of the most exciting in my career. Still can’t even believe it. Then add in Sturgill, who I have all the respect in the world for and admire so so much, as well as my close friend the insanely talented songwriter @Wrabel.


I feel loved and then I feel used
Nobody makes me feel the way that you do
And sometimes I, sometimes I, sometimes I just can't stand it
Isn't that just the thing about us?
I'm still thinking that you could be the one
But you're always, you're always, you're always taking me for granted

I got something I gotta get off of my chest
I've been staying up while you're sleeping in my bed

I don't hate you, babe, it's worse than that
'Cause you hurt me and I don't react
I've been building up this thing for months
Oh, resentment

I know you're better than you know yourself
There's a part of you that you won't help
And you say you can't do it
Just do it, just do it for my sake
It's a shame knowing we could be good
You could treat me better if you really wanted to
And if you can't do it for my sake, then do it for our sake

I don't hate you, babe, it's worse than that
'Cause you hurt me and I don't react
I've been building up this thing for months
Oh, resentment

Don't know how to leave or how to stay
So I've been talking to strangers
'Cause I can't talk to you anymore that way that I let you down
'Cause you let me down
But you would never say that I let you down
That you let me down, you let me down

I don't hate you, babe, it's worse than that
'Cause you hurt me and I'm more than sad
I've been building up this thing for months
Oh, resentment

Music video

Music video Information
Kesha - Resentment (Video) ft

Kesha - Resentment (Video) ft. Sturgill Simpson, Brian Wilson & Wrabel

Released December 12, 2019
Length 2:52
Director Vittorio Masecchia
Filmed 2019
Vevo views +1 million

The music video was shot by Kesha's makeup artist, Vittorio Masecchia, on an iPhone with help from Chelsea Rae and was edited by Magic Seed Productions.




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