Ryan lewis
Ryan Lewis
Full name Ryan S. Lewis
Birthday (1988-03-25) March 25, 1988 (age 32)
Gender Male
Genre(s) Hip-hop, alternative hip-hop, hipster hop, indie hip-hop, R&B
Occupation Record producer, DJ, videographer, photographer, graphic designer, music video director, rapper, songwriter

Ryan S. Lewis (born March 25, 1988), also known as Duke Goobler, is an American DJ, musician, record producer, videographer, photographer, graphic designer, music video director and rapper. He is widely known for his duoship with rapper, Macklemore, known as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Along with producing his own album titled Instruementals, Lewis produced the albums The VS. EP, The Heist and This Unruly Mess I've Made as part of the duo with Macklemore. In 2006, Lewis befriended Macklemore on MySpace and soon after became the behind-the-scenes partner of a successful duo, producing, recording, engineering and mixing all of the duo's music, as well as directing some of their music videos.

Kesha's song "Praying" originated from Ryan Lewis, who contacted her and offered her an early version of the song. Lewis began working on the lyrics and production of the song and his wife suggested Kesha should sing it. Lewis contacted the singer's management and Kesha accepted due to her fondness for his work with Macklemore.

Lewis also facilitated the collaboration between Kesha and Macklemore that would become the song "Good Old Days". Macklemore said: "Well, Ryan had a session with her in Seattle. She was already here. They had already done 'Praying' and they were working on a couple other records that I don't think made her album. She had [an] off day and I hit Ryan and was like, 'Would you mind if I hit up Kesha?' And he was like, 'Of course not.'"

Work with Kesha

He has worked with Kesha on the following song(s):

Songs from Rainbow (2017):

Songs from High Road (2020):


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