The Duels Week 6 of Rising Star premiered on July 27, 3014.

The Duels

The singers in bold advanced to the next round.

Order Artist Song Percentage Experts' choices
East Coast West Coast Brad
Kesha Ludacris
1 Morgan Higgins "The Edge of Glory" 45% 45%
Maneepat Malloy "Gravity" 66% 66%
2 Shameia Crawford "Cry Me a River" 70% 73%
Unselfish "Payphone" 33% 30%
3 Dana Williams[A] "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" 67% 69%
Audrey Kate Geiger "Make You Feel My Love" 88% 86%
4 Karen Hornsby "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" 67% 66%
Joshua Peavy "Too Close" 75% 74%
A Dana Williams was saved by the West Coast.


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